Discover Romania

Danube Delta

Delta DunariiAn exotic landscape with over 1200 species of trees and plants, with the richest ornithological fauna on the continent (more than 300 species among whit unique colonies of pelicans) and cytological fauna (with around 100 species). Tulcea, the main town of Danube Delta, is the center of the Romanian fish industry.

Black Sea

Marea NeagraMarvelous weather from spring to autumn and wiles of golden sand make Romania’s Black Sea destination for each holiday. Furthermore, the Black Sea tides are practically not-existent, so swimming is safer than in most parts of the world. Tourists can visit also the vestiges of the three colonies witch were founded there by ancient Greeks in the 7 – 6 th centuries BC: Histria to the north, Tomis in the center (the present Constanta wich is the main Romanian sea port, boasting and imposing archaeological museum) and Callatis (the present day Mangalia), and also the monument from Adamclisi.

Welcome to Transylvania

Transilvania…A single word that brings mystery and magic. In Transylvania, there are new possibilities to spend your holidays each day.

Do you wish to visit Dracula’s land? Those who want to know more about Dracula, can visit the places of big importance for his life, reminded by history.

In order to visit some of the places from the Dracula’s adventurous life, you can do: in Bargau mountains to see Dracula’s castle

Sighisoara where you can find the medieval city and the house in which Dracula grew

The Bran Castle, Vlad Dracul’s hunting place

The Monastery of Snagov where Vlad Dracul has been buried

In order to see all these places you surely need a means of transport.

We can help you…..